Our philosophy of sustainable tourism

Community Based Tourism

What we promise

  • All our projects are community-owned
  • You will want to transform your life
  • Your money goes towards sustainable community benefits
  • You will taste the local food of Ecuador
  • You will experience Ecuador culture
  • You will have a completely authentic experience
  • You will feel inspired
  • They have a certification for sustainable tourism from an international organization

Who we are

We form part of a group of foundations and businesses that are working together with the local communities to form a certification scheme for ecological and socially sustainable community-based tourism projects, sponsored by the German Government.

Our communities are located in the mysterious Ecuador Amazon, the majesticAndes, the mostly unknown cloud forest and on the beautiful pacific coast. You will be hosted by different indigenous Ecuador cultures and traditional farmers, some of whom have roots back to pre-Inca times.
Chimborazo with tourist and guide
Group of people

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